How do you find most of your clients when Freelancing?

Ronan Wall
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There are many ways to find clients but what is most successful for you?


Fabian Maume
Word of mouth is the most powerful: it will allow you to have news client organically. I'm getting 40% of my turnover from word of mouth. When I started up my consulting I was scraping job offer website and making some lead scoring based on the job description. Then outreach those companies to ask if they considered hiring freelancer instead of full time employee. Now I'm also getting some inbound request from my blogging on medium but it took more than a year for this channel to power up.
Paul Nica
Word of mouth for sure. I've learned that if you do an awesome job, you will not need another way to find clients, they will find you.
Ronan Wall
@paul_nica & @fabian_maume Thanks for sharing. Whilst word of mouth is 90% of the poll results, hearing (i) how you got to the point that word of mouth became sustainable and (ii) how long it took is really interesting. Good guidance for anyone starting out