Whats your favourite customer onboarding software?

Ronan Wall
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Feel free to share products you’ve made or used and love (and why). Also please share anything i should avoid / mistakes you’ve made when integrating or using onboarding software. Some context below, thanks in advance My need for onboarding software comes from a desire to - Hand hold the user through their initial profile set up - Showcase the tools available to them when signing up (without distracting them) - Highlight new features / unused features on their account over time My users will be independent consultants or people with expertise in the knowledge community who want to translate that knowledge into an income stream


Wias Issa
Hey @ronanawall - Def check out AppCues, founded by @hijonathan . They cover each of the 3 areas you mention and do it really, really well. And as for what not to do... don't build those capabilities yourself. ;)
Ronan Wall
Haha @wiasissa. Good advice. I actually already had AppCues on the list.