What's your favorite fitness product and why?

Niccolo' Antinucci
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Curious to understand what are the main reasons of using one fitness product over another.


Co-Founder at Elemential Labs
Apple watch. I love closing the rings, much more engaging and fun than any other fitness band.
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Elastic bands and dumbells. You can do so much with them, from really easy exercises to the most complex and intense workouts you can ever do.
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Right now, my phone. I use an app for home workouts and for the past 2 months it helped me a lot, only body work exercieses
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Apple Watch, Yoga Mat, a few Dumbbells and Fitbod app is all you need for a well rounded and balanced workout.
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Hey! My favorite fitness product has to be a treadmill. I just love using it to keep my body in shape, staying fit and healthy. The major reason of loving it because it helped me change my life. It is so fun to use with so many features. I bought it after excessive hunting over the internet. I got it from here.
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Elastic bands and dumbells because I can do all kinds of workout exercises at home, even watching videos on youtube. And already the treadmill because it's perfect for when the weather is bad, and I don't feel like running outside. So not long ago, I bought a new treadmill for my wife for under $ 500 from the recommendations on https://sportsgearmetry.com/best... because we happen to want to run together, but we only had one treadmill. When the weather is nice, we run together in the park, and this is our couple time. It happens that lately, we are both very busy.