Personalized Strength-Training powered by Machine Learning

Fitbod for iOS equips gym-goers with a deeply personalized workout plan, allowing users to maximize the use of indoor gym equipment and confidence to train effectively for strength.

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Hi, I’m Allen, CEO and engineer at fitbod. I’ve been lifting for the better half of my life and I’ve realized that I was seriously overthinking the gym. By tracking muscle recovery state, exercise history and a few personal preferences, fitbod constructs a workout routine - in real-time - that most efficiently targets fresh muscle groups. Pair this approach with an authentic model of strength training best practices and the output is pretty killer workout. Give it spin, and ask us anything - we’ll be here all day
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@allenchen1217 Love this app, guys. Crossfit & Oly lifter, also a coach and a fitness writer for health IQ. Seriously loving playing with this so far. Can't wait to see what y'all do with it!!
@themarshalien Thanks Alex! I also do Crossfit and Oly lifting, though with my schedule I'm not always able to get in to a Crossfit box. What's great is that I can track WODs by easily adding the exercises in the WOD. When on a later day I go to a gym with different equipment available, I'll still be able to receive a great recommended workout to target the right muscle groups, with fitbod adjusting to my body recovery state and changing gym conditions. Hope you continue to enjoy the app!
@allenchen1217 definitely! Passing it on to my team as we speak 👊🏼
@themarshalien Awesome, thanks!
What’s up Beefcakes! Jesse here, design & product at fitbod. Ever hunted for a strength-training app that focuses workouts on your fresh muscle groups? We couldn’t find one, so we built it. Here’s Allen with a bit more:
I've been using Fitbod for a few weeks now and really enjoy it. Are there plans to add any lightweight insights / visualizations?
@arbales Yes! We're currently working on an iteration of Log that will summarize your progress over time. One way to measure how "strong" you are is through a time-tested computation of the "Theoretical One Rep Max". The formula calculates the maximum amount of force that can be generated in one maximal contraction. With proper strength training, this should increase over time. We already use this formula (as well as a few others) to recommended sets, reps and weight - and we plan to create a visualization that illustrates your 1 Rep Max variance over time.
I have used pretty much every gym app out there. It's always usability that is an issue. Quickly being able to input sets and reps. They always fail on that. Also, get this on Android and I will try it out. I have all the rest.
@mywoisme Great design and proper usability has been a strong focus for us at fitbod. We think we've got a product thats very easy to navigate and enter workout data, though we're always trying to think of ways to make it even better. We've already kicked off our Android project, so hopefully we can get it out to you soon!
This product seems solid! My only gripe so far is that the app assumes that I will be doing the same weight and reps for all of the recommended sets. Is there any plan on moving to towards recommend sets and a goal rep range? I don't want to inaccurately log that I did 5 sets of my heaviest weight!
@bailey_jennings Yep recommending different reps and weight across sets is on our todo list. We haven't gotten there yet but stay tuned! In the meantime, if you'd like to enter your own sets you can simply tap on the +Add Additional Set button to enter the additional details
@allenchen1217 Right on man! I'm a certified personal trainer and the biggest pain points I see day to day is people not knowing 'what to do next' or how to properly recover various muscle groups. Lots of potential here man.
@bailey_jennings Thanks! Thats definitely the problem we're trying to solve. We want to provide users with a full well-rounded workout and make sure that there is a balance so that some muscles aren't overworked while others are underworked.