If you had to choose one - which of these features would you build?

Richard Shepherd
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Turning it up to 11! Interested to know what kinds of things make you angry in your emails. These features could introduce some control over the incessant torrent of email that constantly fills the inbox but which one would you build if you had to choose? And **why** should it be built? Just for fun really. But also, we might build it. Much gracious thanks! :-) Richard


Jasmind Thomas
I like the inbox delay. Something like that would help me filter out a lot of unnecessary noise and it gives the illusion of control, I like that. Would there be a separate "after hours inbox", or would the mail that comes in after the time parameters get bounced?
Richard Shepherd
@jasmind_thomas Hey Jasmind, thanks for the comment. So the idea is to let you decide when to receive your email in a very granular way. So, if you wanted to receive new email at 9am and 3pm, you could define that in your 'settings' page. If you wanted to receive new emails between the hours of say 8am and 4pm (i.e. never in the evenings) then we hopefully will make it easy to define that. Email that arrives outside of the parameters that you set would not bounce as such, it would just lie in waiting and Plum Mail would expose it to you when you ask it to. I suppose you could bounce it though! This might be counterproductive. The idea is to allow you downtime from your email, to remove that distraction of wondering if a new one has appeared while you're trying to get deep work done.
Richard Shepherd
@richardesigns @jasmind_thomas Hey Jasmind, I was wondering if you would like to look at our early release of Plum Mail?
Paul Woodthorpe
I would rather have a different feature. A 1-click unsubscribe button that worked from the inbox, without requiring you to go to another website and fill out forms to just take your details off.
Richard Shepherd
@exopaul Agreed. Half the time I fill in their forms and they continue to email me anyway!
Jane-Ellen Burnham
The bouncing every email concept seems a little self-important/unprofessional imo. If I was reaching out to a job applicant and got sent to a form asking why I was worthy of emailing them, I'd skip. I like the other concepts though