Do you build your products by the Centre for Humane Technology's guidance?

Richard Shepherd
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> "This new paradigm is for technologists who accept that technology is increasingly shaping our social fabric and want to apply their exceptional skills to realign technology with humanity." We are trying hard to build our product aligned to these values. There isn't a commercial motivation to do so but we do feel that these principles support our vision and that is what our value position hangs off. Have you looked at the Humane Tech site? Are these design guides something you would ever consider looking into? For context, if you have not heard of these guys they're the people that made the film The Social Dilemma which is on Netflix. I suppose the root of the question is do you optimise your product for attention or putting real value into the hands of your users? About me: I'm not biased about which way to fall on this, open minded about different approaches and just curious to see what 'fors' and 'againts' there might be in the maker community. Ta, R
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