When do you think is the right time for a SaaS co. to create a user community on socials?

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Would you recommend it? and if you do what platforms would you choose. also, what would you consider before taking this decision.


Alex Leroy
I would recomend to do it right from the start. Facebook is quite good for it. The new UI puts enphasis on hte groups.
Dragos Bulugean
As soon as possible, it will help you to interact more with your first customers and keep engaging. I recommend creating a Facebook group, they work quite well
@dragos_bulugean Thanks for the suggestion! I'll start working on it.
Abe Winter
if you can create a parallel community that provides social / network value for your target customer, but exists independently from and feeds your lead generation, you're in really good shape are your customers in a narrow industry? or in a narrow job description across many industries
@abewinter I work with a B2B SaaS company, so it's mainly marketers, strategists in businesses that we interact with, or in the case of small businesses or startups, it's the founders and the CEOs. So it isn't narrow in the sense. But please, go ahead share your thoughts!