Dating platform for creatives?

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Would you be interested in a dating platform like Tinder but only for creatives?


Paul Woodthorpe
Unless you work in the dating industry I would avoid it. I work in it and have seen hundreds of apps come and go and they all fail because they do not realise the pitfalls and problems with dating sites/apps. I have even talked with a company that spent over Β£300,000 on "the next big thing in dating" and flopped and shut down within 8 weeks because they didn't understand the business and its problems. They thought as long as they came up with a unique niche that they could make it a huge hit. But it doesn't work like that. If you or anyone is genuinely interested in dating you should talk to me first.
@exopaul Thanks for your input, Paul. πŸ™‚ What is the biggest pitfall in your opinion?
Janice Wilson
I actually built something similar for writers: Good luck in the space. It's a tough one to fund traction.
@janicewilson Great work. πŸ™‚ How did you solve the chicken and egg problem?
Janice Wilson
@andrefuchs (Laughing!) I didn't! I spent a shit-ton of cash to attract the users I did. But as much as I enjoyed the project, I wasn't willing to pay it a salary to exist. But I did have a few approaches that offered a good ROI. The best was advertising at Comicons!
Creatives don't need dating. Thay are genius single.
Frederick Sieber
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Kirman Smith
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William Messi
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