Does adding certifications in resumes still relevant?

surya shanmugam
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When you look at a resume do you still value the certifications that one has done directly or do you try and understand if they have actually put the certifications in practice?


Wayne Smallman
Yes, if I was hiring someone is field that where certification was relevant. I would argue certification is far more relevant than listing educational achievement.
Anxo Armada
Your question could have lots of edges, but long story short: - Yes, if you're working for governments and public institutions - Maybe, if you're working for consulting firms (mainly because they could work for public) - No, if you're working for SMB or startups
surya shanmugam
@anxo_armada Yep for startups and SMB it's more of real life execution than certifications
Dragos Bulugean
As a Founder, I can say that certifications or studies does not mean that much anymore, it's just about what that person is able to do, but in certain situations I think certifications are important
@dragos_bulugean Disagree, certificate completion shows many things beyond just the surface achievement.
Rudi Fermo
I think it mostly depends on the position. There are some of them where certification is needed, but many don't require or don't look at them anymore. They rather look at what you are actually good at 😃
Rangarajan Nallappa
What's more relevant is the knowledge you have gained out of those certifications and how well you have put them to use. I look at an average of 5-6 profiles a day and I hardly recollect going through the certifications section on their resumes. I don't make it a point to talk to the candidates about those certifications too but in a way try to understand how they have used the skill in their career.
@rangarajan_nallappa this is a problem that my company solves. Candidates not properly communicating their very own value proposition, which accreditations and certifications are a part of.
Jacob Logan
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The proper presentation of accomplishments, accreditations, and certifications is a crucial part of representing yourself properly via resume