Is there any decent place to find tech partners to work on side projects!?

Hello, I tend to keep working on side projects, which can be a good addition to profiles at the least or can be converted into a passive income source or even a viable business later on. For which, I have tried a lot of platforms to find individuals to work with, but it was a bit easier to find people with all major expertise, some with a lot of experience as well. But tech people are pretty hard to find, specially with a bit of technical upper hand instead of a complete newbie. Even channels created for side projects or volunteers kind of have a scarcity of tech people. I am even thinking of starting of creating a curated community targeting this issue. But until then I am trying to find platforms which have been successful before for others. What has worked for you before in this scenario?


Hussein Yahfoufi
There was one that was really popular for a while called Founder Dating but I think they shut down. I recently found StartHawk 2.0 but have not tried them.