Do you predict your job will be replaced by Automation/AI in 10 years?

James Gil
27 replies
Name your profession and briefly explain why or why not!


Ali Khundmiri
I work in Marketing. I think it'll be better assisted with AI. But not replaced 100%.
James Gil
@alicodermaker As a fellow marketer, increase in dependency on AI and ML in marketing is scary, albeit very convenient.
Mr Ethar Alali
I was trying to replace my own job 20 years ago, as I was conducting research and development into Genetic Programming.
Mr Ethar Alali
@ethar_alali @mdorsett :) it was fun! That project evolved in a few different directions as it happens. Not replacing regular programmers in most case, but certainly did for Biologically inspired robotics.
Malcolm Tyson
I’m working on an automation app in gpt-3. And let me just tell you, everybody should be worried.. the most valuable people in tech will be designers is my prediction. I think are jobs will be more about maintaining processes and systems, than actually doing work.
James Gil
@malcolmtyson I agree. But I heard that AI can now compose music and draw, designers are not entirely safe.
Kobi Kobsen
Webdev - no - things will change but not everything will be automated. Things already started to get more and more uniform because many Designers start to think more about what is modern than trying to make something new. I don´t think that breaking rules in a new and fresh fashion will be done by AI anytime soon.
Paul Nica
Marketing - there is surely a lot of potential for new tools and automation, but AI could never replace a marketer
James Gil
@paul_nica As a fellow marketer, I tend to agree although surely some aspects of marketing will be done by AI instead of humans.
Jessica Salama
The question is not "if" but "when," and it's what we're constantly asking at Because AI does take over millions of jobs, we'll need a better financial safety net for us all. Enter: G$ digital basic income. Check it out for yourselves!
Jeremy Ravenel
Yes, anyone working in finance/treasury making the manual transfer to optimize account balances and reporting will be replaced by Automation & AI...we are working on it :)
Bryce McKernan
Automation easily replaces repetitive tasks and systems in all fields. I look forward to AI taking this portion of my job, allowing me to spend more time on creative tasks and critical thinking.
Roman Pennell
I'm in enterprise sales and I highly doubt it. AI tools are increasingly beneficial to folks in sales, but having a person behind the sales process creates a personal approach most buyers want. Retails sales may be affected as online shopping experiences become more predictive of the buyer.
James Gil
@roman_pennell I also think sales is one area where machines can't replace people. But I think B2C sales might see some sectors rely more on automation whereas B2B would be more or less untouched.
Mathieu Dfr
As planning to be a machine learning developer in less than one year, I have to say no. :)
I think my work has already been replaced by some no-code products.
Miriam Dorsett
@steves7te I hope they get better...I still am having trouble with the no code might just be my patience though...not my ability haha
Miriam Dorsett
Nope! I'm an artist/entrepreneur lol I do think some art can and will be done with AI/ already is happening and industry will grow.