How has remote work affected your job performance?

James Gil
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More companies are permanently adopting remote work, and it seems like this will continue even after we're over the whole Pandemic. Let's try to be very honest and subjective in answering. Most people are biased when asked this question depending on their affinity to working remotely. Also, it would be nice to discuss in the comments what affected your performance to increase/decrease.
My performance has increased significantly
My performance has increased somewhat
It has not affected my job performance
My performance has decreased somewhat
My performance has decreased significantly


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For me, its somewhat better, simply because I don't like having a fixed schedule. If I have to be at the office and my mind is wondering (I feel like working out or doing something else), I'd rather do that and go back to work when I'm done rather then sit in the office and pretend like I'm productive.
I have worked remote for 2 years now but in general, I have constantly felt both more productive and happier in what I do, there is something nice about being home for the week. Allows me to spend most of my time with my family
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My performance has increased somewhat
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I am curious how it has impacted your meeting quality and frequency.
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@jameskelley9 That's the right question! I think pandemic and all the "work-from-home" situation has helped my team reevaluate the amount of meetings we had and reshape our communication. It's definitely been quieter than in the office here with fewer yet "to-the-point" online meetings for me.
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Well I was already mainly working from home. The main issue was to buy a good coffee machine will all the shops in lockdown.
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I think the question should involve some variables. With all the educational establishments being closed due to pandemic, those who work from home and have kids bored out of their mind stuck at home with them and those who work from home with no kids, should vote separately. Otherwise, the poll wouldn't show the real picture.
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@yulia_mamonova I would go a step farther, and say, who is the primary care giver a bigger role in that question above. I have four kids (and a startup...really smart) and I am not impacted during the day. However, if I was the primary care giver that would be different.
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@yulia_mamonova @jameskelley9 now that I think about it, you're right. It makes all the difference!
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@yulia_mamonova @jameskelley9 I only Upvoted because you said I was right. Just kidding
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If I'm home alone, I perform better.
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When my country issued lockdown and remote work, I thought that I would end up either quitting my job or getting fired because I hate working from home. However, now, I don't want to go back to the office lol I think it all depends on the communication tool you're using to connect and collaborate with your team efficiently.
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I love working from home - fewer coffee breaks and no office chitchat. I get more done in a day and feel more productive
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Increasing in general, but having a balance became an issue demanding more awareness
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No need to buy pants (only jacket). So I've saved some money. πŸ˜€
I don't know, but i will let others experience and tell me that.
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Hey James! I don't think my performance while working remote has changed too much. I definitely find that there can be more ways to get distracted but once I've found my groove in terms of where I want to work and what makes me most comfortable away from the office, I can see that there hasn't been much change at all. At oVice, we try to optimize the remote work experience for our users by providing them with access to virtual spaces in the metaverse for them to customize and make their own. Users have the ability to interact with their peers in real time through our various plug-ins and features so it really gives them that "office feel" and promotes connectedness and collaboration, no matter where they are. Check us out at to have a look around and see how it works!