Hiring MBA's for your start-up's c-level positions. Why or Why not?

James Gil
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Is an MBA degree still relevant? If you have an experience in hiring and working with someone with a MBA degree, what have you witnessed that you would otherwise have not seen in a non-MBA degree employee?


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Forget it. I need full stack programmer!
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Imho, that is not about resume or what a candidate got, rather it is all about assessments, capabilities and attitude the culture. That is what we are building ;)
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Build teams on Character and Skills. MBA provides a network, glossary, and experience but not a must for startup c-suite positions or others. Drive, experience, mindset, and attitude contribute to scaling successfully. Reach out if you have questions. :)
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MBA degree is a bit overrated unless that person already had great experience in the field before enrolling for an MBA. Your startup probably will need some fresh ideas, growth hacking (nobody really teaches that), and bright minds that can turn plans into reality the right way.
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When hiring a c-level in a startup, you are generally looking at a specific mix of hands-on person that can put things in motion, build a structure for scaling, whilst leading by concrete actions and examples. They have to consider tactical aspects as well as strategic aspects, whilst being pragmatic and KPI-driven. MBAs can at times be more of 'fluff' creators, or 'big thinkers' without too much of a doer attitude. Of course, this is not a generalisation - far from it. But I totally agree with @grace_nuleep and @andrey_mi - what you want first is a warrior with experience and a can-do attitude. Diplomas should only come second to these considerations.
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I have an MBA (from a million years ago)... has not changed my life one bit. Would not hire based on those three letters... at all ... 🤔 that would be like hiring for being an Mrs! 😂