Which experience design tool do you prefer?

Brandon Kindred
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Adobe XD


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Oh man. Sketch has really fallen off the map. They really dropped the ball. I'm curious who's next.
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So far, Figma 2.0 has been great! Have developed three different website prototypes with it. No complaints there! The other two, on the other hand, seem to be losing the race.
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@yulia_mamonova I'm just starting to get into Figma. It looks pretty cool so far
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@yulia_mamonova @brandon_kindred1 it really is cool! And super simple. I mean I'm not a Designer, but they made prototyping a breeze even for outsiders like me.
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I tend to switch back and forth between Adobe XD and Affinity Designer. XD is fantastic for quick mockups, but I usually use Affinity for everything else, icons, final assets, more complex designs, etc.
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Adobe XD is the only experience design tool that I use, and I don't use it only for experience design. After its latest update with 3d transform feature, I tend to switch from Adobe Illustrator to Adobe XD for my other design stuff like social media posts and banners! :D I also love how it works together with Adobe Illustrator. I created an illustration system using Adobe Illustrator to draw elements, then built the system in Adobe XD.