When creating a new color palette for an online design or brand, do you consider white/black colors?

Brandon Kindred
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We have been having an ongoing debate among our team and it would be great if everyone could help us decide who's more right.
Definitely count as colors
They aren't on the color wheel and don't count
Black is a color, but white isn't
Aren't white and black the only colors?


Flutter Developer
Nowadays all apps have a light⛅ and dark mode🌙. So shades of white / black are even used as primary colors😄. But, I personally believe an accent color along with black / white gives the design some character and uniqueness.🦄
I love 🐈 and 🏇 and ♻️
Well there are many brands using only black or white, but often they are very large, think about Nike or Adidas. I wouldn't recommend it for new or small brands because black and white don't make you stand out of the crowd.