What do you do next after Product Hunt release?

Ivan Zenkovich
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Jas Mowgod
Come up with a marketing strategy, focus on user base growth. Get user feedback to roadmap for improvements.
Ivan Zenkovich
@jasmowgood Thank you, Jas! Talking about user base growth, do you mean social medias or some other ways?
Jas Mowgod
@ivan_zenkovich through social media and content marketing, paid ads, referral programs, App Store Optimization. There are some tips on this site (I'm not affiliated or write for this site) https://iterable.com/blog/top-5-...
Fabian Maume
I recommend you to check out the question part of producthunt, to see if some are relevant for your product. Google "keyword + site:https://www.producthunt.com/ask" to check it out. If you are interested I have a prototype of data miner to do this at scale.
Hussein Yahfoufi
Get feedback from everyone that signed up from your PH launch. Monitor if they continue using your product or not. If they are that is great (congrats), if not find out why.
Yuliia Mamonov πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
I'm here for the answers because we're about to launch our first product on PH. But this is a great question!