What is the best way to pitch for Beta Testing?

Sreekanth PM
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I would like to know your opinion on pitching users for beta testing. We are very early for this, but thought of starting little early. Do you ave some best way for pitching developers and agencies? We are a team of 4 people our of which 3 are developers and myself into product management and research. We are completely self funded. We crossed half way in developing a API first multi channel content management. There is already a market and users and competition also. Comparing to the existing players we offer many unique features, this is a not a statement but we designed the whole system by doing a extensive market study. We plan to launch by next summer and start with a closed beta. Our product is primarily targeting developers, agencies and enterprises who have own development team for their digital experience. What we thought is to give discounts for all our products for beta testers for their involvement for lifetime. Would like to know about offering discounts, whether it will look bad? As we are self funded, we thought it might be the best way to manage getting beta users. I had already listed many community groups, twitter, reddit, slack, linkedin and gitter but like to get some advise on how to pitch. Do i need to pitch with our product first or to ask for time to explain it deeper? Do i need to have an in-depth details ? As the user community are developers will it be ideal to ask them to look into the app itself after giving them the brief? Pitching with offering discounts is good or bad? It will great if i can get some advise on the above things


I am currently pitching for early adopters, one of the most important things working for me is to make my pitch very personalized, and to clearly indicate benefits of your product to your customer. Also, tell them what is in it for them if they join your early adopters list.
Sreekanth PM
@ianmutuli Thank for this great tips. In fact i also want to make it personalised and person to person.
One important thing to keep in mind is that the people you're pitching for probably don't know your project and the problem it solves as well as you do. So make sure everything is clear. Some present their products without explaining the details, considering that all that goes without saying and listeners get confused.
Sreekanth PM
@andrey_mi Thanks for your responde, i had added little more details to get fair idea. It will be great if you can look the edited details too.