What's the best way to run automated twitter searches for keywords on nominated accounts?

Issac Elnekave
6 replies
Hi team - trying to find a way to automatically search for certain keywords on accounts that I follow on Twitter. Any products / suggestions you have would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Brian Felix
Hey Issac, you can you use Tweetdeck and add a column that has a search term to your dashboard.
Jeremy Ravenel
Hey @issac24_peter do you know a bit of python ? I'm pretty sure the product we are about to launch can help do that and much more ;) naas.ai => happy to chat about it.
Issac Elnekave
@issac24_peter @jeremy_ravenel Naas looks super cool! congrats guys. It almost seems like overkill for my little query but would love to give it a go if you can pop a template for it? Thanks!
Fabian Maume
You can use Phantombuster The "Twitter Profile Scraper" will give you the bio of the profile. You can import the result in a google doc sheet using "importdata" function and make all the keyword analysis there. If you need help combining different Phantom using googlesheet let me know.