What KPI should B2B SaaS marketing teams use to measure success?

Vartika Jaiswal
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Roman Velitskiy
User conversion and retention are the main KPI for any marketing team while maxing out their LTV could be one of your OKR.
Vartika Jaiswal
@rvelitskiy Great point Roman. What are your take on revenue??
Jasper Ruijs
What is your goal? If you are scaling up, track the growth rate, added staff plus the increase of revenue. If you are in the start-up phase, I will focus on LTV. Client Lifecycle Value https://blog.chartmogul.com/acti.... You can always increase your prices or change the monetization system. But the cost of getting new customers will always be higher than keeping the ones you already have. A smart monkey picks the low hanging ripe fruits.
Jared Cornell
There are seven KPIs a B2B SaaS marketing team should use to measure their success. 1. Track Your Unique Visitors with Google Analytics 2. Track How Many Unique & Market Qualified Leads Your Business Captured 3. Track the Number of Leads that Converted into Customers (Basically Conversion of Captured Leads) 4. Track How Much Your Business is Losing with Churn Rate 5. Monitor the Average Amount of Money Your Customers Pay During Each Engagement (Calculate Customer Life-time Value) 6. Calculate Total Customer Acquisition Cost 7. Calculate CLV:CAC Ratio
Jason Grills
There are multiple KPIs that a business should measure without fail. You can check them out here - https://www.proprofschat.com/blo... But one that you should check on a regular basis is customer satisfaction rate (CST). That’s because it will help you see if your customers are satisfied with your products and services or not. It plays a key role in improving your services as per the needs and expectations of your customers.