How do I best engage with this community to help with my upcoming launch?

Ian Tyack
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Hi folks, I'm new to the community and launching a new mobile app product for bartering, favors, and paid goods and services. For those of you out there who have been in the Product Hunt community for a while or have launched a product, what top tips do you have to get engaged with this community and launch a successful product? Thanks in advance and I look forward to reading your responses! Cheers, Ian


Hi Ian, and welcome! You writing this post is a good start. There are so many ways to engage with communities: - Being active in the discussions here - Being active on Twitter - Being active on private Telegram or Slack communities - Find new social avenues like Clubhouse or Telepath and be active there - Blog posts - Podcasts Summarised, the key is to choose your place (or places) and keep showing up. Be helpful, active, kind, and also share what you're working on or thinking. Be sure to check out our guide on how to launch, if you haven't done so already: All the best!
Meghna Bagri
Hi Ian Good luck with your product launch. @leandro8209 Totally Agree. We have recently launched our product ADOHM and these activities are working for us.
Shruti Agarwal
@leandro8209 Quick summation of what needs to be done. Following this thread, I'll be the part of a launch soon. Thanks.
Ana Bibikova
Hi, Ian. Good luck with your product launch. I'm also a novice here and could use any advice I might get. I'd be exited to follow this discussion. Thank you for initiating it. I'm certain there are numerous newcomers in the community who'd love to listen what more experienced users have to say.
Rikki Hillenbrand
Hi Ian, I am a fellow newbie to all things community as well. We are prepping for our product launch in January 2021 and I have been having the same question as well. Here are a few things that I have been keeping in mind and have been doing: - Be active on different platforms! (As @leandro8209 said, check twitter, slack, reddit, etc.) - Follow accounts/people that relate to your product and engage with them. - Google around who the "hottest" influencers and profiles are in your industry, and make sure to follow them to keep up-to-date! - Be genuine about this! Dedicate time growing your community and don't just put it aside too easily. - Help promote others, we are in the same boat here:) - Share your journey, challenges, and accomplishments, so people can relate! Wishing you all the best and good luck!
@rikki Agree with all of thisi! They key point you make is to be genuine! This takes time, but it's rewarding.
Fritz Brumder
I am also new to the community and have been doing what @leandro8209 and @rikki listed. I also signed up for Ship (the paid version) and have been building a Upcoming page - I followed and reviewed other products before building one of my own.