ContentStudio 2.0

The command center for your content and social team 🚩

ContentStudio is a powerful social media management and content marketing tool that is helping businesses in streamlining their workflow, increasing their reach and getting better ROI from their marketing efforts.
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Hello Product Hunters, πŸ‘‹ We are excited to be here again. Thank you so much, @kwdinc, for hunting our product. More than a year ago, we released the first version of the product on PH with the vision to make content marketing and social media management easier for teams by providing them with all the required tools under a single roof. So, after having: 30,000+ marketers using the platform 150+ million articles crawled 110,000+ social accounts connected 6+ million Posts Published 300+ reviews on Capterra and G2Crowd We are back with the new version built with feedback from our users. πŸš€ Use ContentStudio to bring your team, clients and content on the same page with better content discovery/curation capabilities, better collaboration and approval workflow - and robust automation features that save time. Powerful tools inside the ContentStudio suite help you with: βœ… AI-based content discovery and insights tool to see what’s trending around any topic or industry βœ… Curate content with rules and filters for targeted content βœ… Compose posts with your team for your blogs and social media channels βœ… Dead-simple approval workflow when working with team members or clients βœ… Automated scheduling to all of your social and blogging channels βœ… Performance analytics and reports (coming in a couple of weeks) βœ… Workspaces to better organization of assets for different brands or clients βœ… Automation recipes for posting articles and videos, evergreen content, bulk uploading. βœ… Content calendar for planning and the birds-eye view of your content strategy βœ… White-labeled version is coming soon. and much more to meet all of your content and social marketing needs. πŸ™ We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!
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@kwdinc @waq_azeem Great application and great team
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@kwdinc @waq_azeem Keep up the great work!
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This is one of the most premium all-in-one content publishing and social media tool of 2019. Already loving it since V1. Congratulation for the PH launch. :)
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@niteshmanav I agree. It's come a long way since v1 and it was great even then!
I love this product
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@terry_hatziieremias We loved having you as an early-adopter of the product!
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I've known @waq_azeem for awhile now and one thing I'd love to say about Content Studio is that it has made leaps and bounds in just a span of year, I've not seen any SaaS business iterate this fast and the user experience is one to fall in love with. I had my reservations on how certain things were done but turns out every single month, they not only develop on the user feedback but also add value to the existing user base. Any social media agency who wants to up their game and get ahead needs to put automation in place for content curation and distribution, it's great because not only it has all that but it has a highly functional content review/scheduler built in. They recently released Mobile app versions, it's a great fit for those digital nomads who are constantly on the move and need to make a tweak here or there or just view how things are running. It's not perfect but what solution is, it just keeps on getting better that's one thing you can be certain of.
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@muhammad_ahsan2 Thanks a lot for your kind words, means a lot. I hope ContentStudio is working well for your business!
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A complete content marketing, social media management, and analytics tool light years ahead of its competition.
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