Which of these phrases do you hate the most?

Vartika Jaiswal
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Henry Dobson
I hate them all. But get the ball rolling is BY far the most annoying, I don't know what about that phrase annoys me but it just makes me instantly want to delete the email.
Vartika Jaiswal
@henry_dobson I agree with you, I think these lines have become a blind spot and one tends to skim through it to move to the main topic of the email.
Ali Rajool
Why are these important for you at all?
Andreea Bunica
how do I choose all of the above? and also, how have these phrases not made it to the LinkedIn automated messages yet?
Priscilla Tunnell
Me too) hate them all, they are weird
These difficult/unusual/crazy times feels like it's the new way of asking "how's the weather". Where there's real concern, it's more likely posed as a question. As for the rest, they're weird lol especially ping me. It feels 10 years old, when Blackberries were popular.
George Pilpilidis
I use "Ping me" :O It is easy... what has the same meaning and is faster to type than ping me?
Robert B
can i check them all? xD
Jesse Jensen
The first one I believe is a nice way to be considerate since it IS a difficult time. Even if it may not be you or but it could be for them. By the way, I hope you are doing well in this difficult time as well as everyone else in this discussion. "Ping me?" Who says that? "Get the ball rolling." I googled this and the origin story is pretty cool: "The first origin story states that get the ball rolling is a sports term, taken from the game of croquet. Croquet came into existence in Britain in the mid-1850s, though a similar game named pall-mall had existed in France since the mid-1600s."
Vartika Jaiswal
@jessehojjensen I agree, the intention is good. I like to start emails with something similar i.e. "I hope you're having a great day", "Hopefully, everything's great in your world", et cetera. And thanks for the information about the origin of the "Get the ball rolling." Jesse.
Ryan Haber
They're all cliche, which I dislike, but can survive. Life is full of cliches. What I hate, hate, hate about "these difficult times" is the saccharine melodrama of it all.
Vartika Jaiswal
@ryan_haber1 I totally agree with your point that Life is full of cliches. The intention is good maybe, but not always genuine.
Igor Lanko
Oh man, English is not my mother tongue, I had no idea somebody may dislike phrases like “I hope you’re doing well...”. I genuinely used it to be friendly. I guess it makes sense if I think of something similar in Russian though! Thanks for bringing this up!)
Ryan Haber
@igorlanko that's not so bad. We used that long before the pandemic. To me, it just feels like a pretty American thing to say, like, "Hi, how are you?" where we care but don't actually want or expect a truthful response. 😂