What's your "must-avoid" cliché when working on an explainer video?

Lucie Loubet
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I'll start: soul sucking corporate upbeat music. Close with the cartoony personifications of marketing personas "This is Bob. Bob is the IT manager of a 25 to 100 people company". What's yours?


Sreekanth PM
This is bob and that is jack ! Really Sucks to hear that in every video. I think the best way is to have a real walk through with USP features.
Lucie Loubet
@sreekanth850 Same. There's a line though, you often still need to make it clear what the main use cases are and who the product is for. Otherwise, it's harder for viewers to understand and remember your product.
Marin Rowe
@lucie_l @sreekanth850 Totally agree showing use cases is important but I'm with Sreekanth- I think you can do that by showing the use cases with the actual product and not with cartoons or worse... staged stock photos!
Daniel Butler
Cheesy background jingle
Andreea Bunica
showing the old way of doing things and crossing it over with the new, better, improved, innovative way of your product! *rolls eyes
Lucie Loubet
@andreea_bunica and don't forget to call your product "revolutionary" and "the most advanced way to do stuff" a dozen time without explaining why along the way!