How do you make people following you here?

Sam Bauer
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When you take a look at my numbers, I'm following more than 2k hunters, but for me, it's difficult to find followers myself. I need them for our product launch. What are your strategies to find followers on PH? Another question: Are there anywhere DM's here, can I send direct messages? Did not find that feature yet. Or how do you approach people here, eg. I want to find a hunter who is hunting our product in a few weeks from now, but I don't know how to talk to people here? (sometimes I'm embarrassingly blind)


Engage with the community, Hunt cool products, comment & help each other out. As long as you interact with the community here, you'll slowly get followers :)
@timz_flowers I got you with the follow back. Enjoy the community and looking forward to see what you hunt :)
Bill Flitter
@gabe__perez is correct. Add value to the community. Participate in discussions with valuable responses. Repeat over and over again. It takes time if you are starting off.
Bill Flitter
There is a related discussion going on LinkedIn regarding getting attention on TikTok. Head of marketing at TikTok said, "“If your goal is to get everyone's attention, you're kind of that person in the middle of the room, just shouting for them to look at you for a second. And instead of playing that game … I'd rather think of it as how do I bring value, versus how I take attention."
Darko Williams
Write something useful and people will be curious to check you out :) This is what worked for me (not many followers, but I've noticed a lot find me from replying here).