How do I prepare a deal for hunters?

Sam Bauer
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Here some questions that drive me around: - Does PH somewhere ask for commissions, when you offer deals to the community here? - I was thinking of offering a special voucher exclusively on PH that can be redeemed on our website for a really awesome deal. Does anything speak against it? - Anything else to consider?


Aleksandra Sztemberg
The PH community loves a good deal, haven't heard of PH taking any commission on vouchers or discounts. What's good to consider is a cool graphic or PH branded banner, we did something like this:
Seen plenty of launches in the PH community offer deals. Do what you think is best for you and the community and there shouldn't be any issues. I feel like it's when you get into spam-type behavior when you might get called out (and isn't good for brand image).
@gabe__perez yes, I think spam-behaviour is surely difficult - though virtual community building feels sometimes like it, esp. twitter. thank you Gabe
Jacqueline von Tesmar
The PH community does love deals and it's great to offer them on launch day. Give folks and extra push to check out what you've built. Sharing the deal on social the day of the launch, and with your followers via emails is a great way to announce your launch. No, Product Hunt doesn't take any commission on these type of offerings from companies.
Hey @jacqvon cool, good to know that they don't take any commission. I was reading this in quora, when I researched about PH and AppSumo, but I think the answers in Quora are sometimes not totally reliable.