Where should we launch first, on AppSumo or ProductHunt?

Sam Bauer
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We do "AI-driven, time-independent remote meetings" (https://timz.flowers) and are in the transition from alpha to open beta. I would like to offer two cool deals to the users and I find both platforms very promising. Is it negative for a ProductHunt launch if an AppSumo offer has already been made before, or vice versa? Does anyone have experience in this? One more question: Should I somehow list the app as a maker before the launch here or somewhere else? And another question: Somehow I don't check how to get in contact with the hunters here, are there DMs? Or how do you do that? (I would like to find an experienced hunter to help us hunting our product in a few weeks from now) I'm super excited to see your tips and help, thank you so much!!


Tarek Dajani
I think AppSumo could be very beneficial for an early stage startup, for both cash (albeit you have to give a really heavy discount) and feedback. However, as per my understanding, you need Appsumo's approval before you they accept you. I would say launch in Product Hunt and Appsumo and at Product Hunt, give away a Promocode for the first xx number of users with the same discount that you will provide at Appsumo (if you got accepted).
@tdajani Hi thanks for your recommendation, that was exactly the plan. We wanted to give a lifetime deal with limited tickets, we are preparing everything in the background right now. Payment gateway, explainer... do you know how to get in touch with the hunters here? Are there direct messages somehow?
Tarek Dajani
@timz_flowers Hey Sam. I don not think there is DM here. The only thing I try to do to get in touch is to help as much as I can, when you do that, people could follow you and when you launch they get notified that you launched something, if this is what your question is. Also, keep in mind I read many time that people who had a really low number of followers, where the product of the day because they had a good product. So don't worry about your number of followers.
Darko Williams
You'll eventually want to launch on both. If you don't have a pre-existing audience, you may want to consider AppSumo first (it should give you a surge of users and you'll prob learn tons on how they use the product). Then use that audience and launch on PH.