How to get feedback for alpha product?

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I launched my product to the public in alpha a week ago! I'm not sure how to get the user's feedback. Because of the alpha version we haven't launched to PH, we just shared everything in Twitter, once it is in the beta phase we will launch here. So any ideas to gain some valuable feedback? What tools can I use?


jiebu li
what product?why not design a entry in product?
Sumit Datta [dwata] 👋
If you are in B2B and such an early stage and, like me, you are reaching out to the customer then simply book calls with them and talk. Nothing can beat that.
I would focus on qualitative data; it's more important now than at any other stage in the company lifecycle. Structured data sounds appealing but you miss out on the insights you really need ot succed. Interview customers directly, find out why they've hired your product, what are they trying to solve, and whether you're addressing them.
Jane Kim
I'm in a similar stage as you ✋! Our product is B2C but I agree with Sumit that the best way at this stage of the product lifecycle is to contact your users directly and get direct feedback. If you are thinking of having more of a structured response, I recently used typeform to send out a survey and was able to receive good feedback overall, and from there to contact them directly to hone in on any specific feedback we needed more details on. Hope that helps, and best of luck on the next steps!
Samantha Merlivat
We use GoogleForms to keep it as simple as possible (and free). We have different surveys that range from 1 question (Csat-style) to more focused depending on what we're trying to validate. It's easy to add options for written feedback and willingness to expand during a call...
Matthew Johnson
Agree with everyone here that says most important to get qualitative feedback! If you want to give people an easy way to log issues/request features, we use and that works really well.
Katie Ames
lol - buy them coffee and ask what they think? I think the earlier stage just talking to the users is so helpful, as opposed to having narrow data points on what you think they want.
Dwayne Charrington
I believe surveys are the best option to collect qualitative feedback at this stage. That’s what we do. The chat option is also good, but it requires equal effort from your end as well. With surveys, you can simply deploy them on the product and focus more on the data analysis than collecting it. We currently use Qualaroo to create both end-user surveys and internal surveys for feedback during product development and post-release. It has helped us at every stage of the product lifecycle. You can add different survey types at various points in the product to survey different users. You can also create link surveys and send them to your users. Targeting user-types will yield more focused feedback than general surveys. Try focusing on the product usability and use this opportunity to explore new feature requests. (questions)