Does anyone know a good dev or team to build a good MVP?

Im having trouble finding someone who can build a decent prototype and MVP. If you are or you know of anyone that wants to hop on a cool project lets chat. I am compensating for this project or we could work something else out if you have any ideas. I have full wireframes ready to go that needs a little logic proofing but it drives the main concept and product home. Im open to UX/UI people as well as Devs or someone who can handle the full scope.


Art Usau
I would go with a small team from eastern Europe for that(Poland, Belarus or Romania would be my choices).
 Jin Lin
Hi Stephen, I have built many MVPs using Angular, React.js, Vue.js, Node.js, etc. I can help you here. Hope to discuss more details.
Mr Ethar Alali
I run @axelisys. We've been going for 9 years and we've been asked by several people to build their products from zero to MVP 1 and beyond in many industries: * Telecoms * Reserve power monitoring * Proptech * FinTech * HealthTech * Tour Operators/Leisure * Insurance & Financial services etc. All of those have then gone on to earn or exit for a heck of a lot more than we were paid. We took the safety net of being paid for the work instead of taking equity, as the success is as much defined by the founder and sales team, as the tech and there are significant commercial risks with founders who have never sold anything before. Startups are risky propositions. Which is why you may have found it difficult to get experienced devs. Happy to chat if you want more details of have other questions.
Katie Ames
I've used upwork most times in the past - definitely a lot of talent there, problem is just shifting through it (though I think that's probably always the problem when hiring).
Johan Cutych
Hey! We just released 6 MVPs in 6 weeks. And we are going to release 6 more with our Alright not all of them are fully fledged MVPs, sometimes it’s just prototype, but hey, mostly that’s enough to validate the product! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at so we can see if there is a fit :)