Building your SaaS Audience: Scaling your Value

"How not to be Sass" Helping Others is Key to Business and portraying to your potential users that you actually care about their problems. This is a win-win. The success of your product depends on this mentality. As a maker who is building a business, you need to develop a servant's attitude, especially in the SaaS space. When you can focus on this it will spill over into your business and you can start to come across more genuine not only in yourself but it naturally develops a product-led growth strategy for you where your product starts selling itself. I have gained so much more from starting a small community and being active in communities like this just helping and stop building a selfish business. IF you need some help let me know how to get started building a community or if you're stuck and need some ideas just reach out. I'm open to sharing the things I did (community building, management, copywriting, yadyadyada). - What are your thoughts on this? - Have you experienced growth from this? - What are your issues right now? Lay it all out. Part2 This mentality has led me to my current project where I'm building tools that improve audience management and growth for indie makers. Tools that scale your helpfulness and value, in turn, helping you grow your business. I could use some insight into the concept and landing page.


Stephen Vincent Casaceli II
you can contact me at @svc2_ on twitter as well.