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Hire Latin and European longterm Remote devs @ $35/hour flat

#2 Product of the MonthMarch 2020
We started Cloud Devs because we knew there was a better way for developers and startups to collaborate. A way that valued quality over competing on the lowest price with Asian outsourcing companies or getting ripped-off by overpriced providers such as Toptal.
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We've been running the platform at a beta stage trying various pricing points thats fair for the developers and affordable for startups and businesses and we've finally settled on this price point. All our developers go through a vigorous vetting process. All though we claim them to be at top 5%, the developers are virtually at the same level as Toptal's. Also we believe, based on our previous experience, huge timezone differences can be a hurdle for remote work. So we aim to assign developers from similar timezones. Our US clients will be assigned with Latin Am developers, where as our European clients will be assigned with European developers. Happy to take any questions.
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@rifzanm Looks very interesting. Just reached out to see if there is a fit.
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@francisco_ramos Got your request, will revert back shortly!
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@jameswalter5 Thanks will revert shortly.
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The app looks nice, congrats with the launch! But I seriously doubt 35$ per hour flat rate which is low even for Eastern Europe, not talking about top people at more expensive western European countries. Also, top 5% is a very bold claim.
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In a noisy field like front-end or full-stack engineering, where the quality of talent varies widely, Cloud devs helps you find top-tier engineers quickly and efficiently.
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I hired both a web designer and Wordpress developer for my project, and have been very pleased with the talent on Cloud devs. Both are very responsive and professional. For a small startup company, having reliable, professional freelancers is a godsend! I'd definitely recommend Cloud devs to anyone looking for a top-grade freelance team.
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Smart discovery process; very helpful in matching my needs to the right tech. Good follow-up all around. And the fellow with whom I contracted has been excellent. Already recommending the service to others.
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