Product Hunt agency?

Mikk Maal
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Hello! I am developing a product which I hope to submit on PH in a few months time, and I started to read and learn what and how to do in order to have a chance of success on PH (and well to have a successful launch overall). There are some in-depth articles on what to do and how, and with the focus on product development at this stage, I started to wonder if there are agency-type services, that will help you to go through or do hands-on consulting for PH launch to make everything in a way that would give the best chances of success..instead of half-winging. The service could include other communities and platforms as well (AppSumo, Indiehackers, Reddit subforums, etc). Do you know if there is something like that on the market where I could turn to?


Seterek Lakshit
Maybe like a package will be ok?
Hussein Yahfoufi
Yes there are, I've gotten contacted by a few but honestly if you spend your money on their Ship product it may be enough of an investment. You can also reach out to the PH team for help if you need it.
Matthew Johnson
Hey - I would say it's worth the time to do it yourself. It doesn't necessarily have to be that much work either, apart from actual launch day. We put together a step-by-step guide here and tried to make it as simple as possible