Do you search for information on YouTube?

Valerie Fenske
11 replies
We've recently started converting all the expertise we have into YouTube videos. Do you search for information on YouTube? What are your favourite channels?


Hi. I often look for recipes and ways to quickly clean up on YouTube. I recently created my own blog, in which I tell various tips for learning. To one of them I will soon release a video on YouTube.
Hussein Yahfoufi
I usually start on Google but seem to always end up on YouTube. My son (11) always goes to YouTube first but I also notice that his Google search results are 99% Youtube links.
Zachary Green
mostly information about coding
Abigail Spielman
yes I do. Just like any other platform, Youtube offers both good and bad piece of information. I watch plenty of videos, pick the best and leave the rest xD
Veronica C
I love researching science, history, handy how-to's, recipes. I really like when sources are listed with videos to add credibility. Good luck!
Ananta Bose
Mostly products reviews
Parag B.
I'm always looking up "how to ..." videos on youtube. Additionally, I think Youtube has eaten into the "XYZ for dummies' book series. It seems like you can get some primary background knowledge/education about any subject on youtube.
I rather read articles but if the only information I find on Google comes from YouTube I watch videos - usually on how to use software
Hannah S Kim
I think you can find a lot of useful information on YouTube! That being said, it's always important to make sure the channel/video maker is credible. I really like TED's YouTube channel, as well as VOX videos if you are looking for well-put together, insightful videos on history/latest news/trends around the world.
Lily Johnson
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Eric Walker
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