What is first: SEO keys or your expertise?

Valerie Fenske
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SEO keys


I'm not sure I get this question correctly. Do you mean what usually comes first when I start building a product? Or what should come first in order to build a successful product?
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@doomhammer hi Piotr! nice to meet you my questions is about the marketing strategy of a product. shall I first collect the SEO keys in order to meet my audience (aka potential users) OR shall I start with spreading my expertise across my marketing activities?
@anastasia_shch, looks like something from your area of expertise?
@doomhammer depends on the project. If it's something you have a lot of experience with you'll know what keywords to use by then. If you are starting something where you have less knowledge, it might be better to look into keywords and talk to users to get a better understanding
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@doomhammer @anastasia_shch Hi Anastasia, nice to meet you! Sounds great, thank you for joining the discussion