Do you guys use a CRM for your business?

Olga Petrik
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Yes, a simple CRM tool for startups
Yes, we've implemented a complex CRM to fit all our needs
Spreadsheets work great for us at the time!
We don't use any CRM tool yet


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Does mailchimp count as CRM? I try to find something where I can connect leads from all funnel channels... even after decades of working I'm constantly entering unknown fields as a newby - so if someone has a recommendation what to use, without paying in the beginning, but that will scale together with us... please tell me
Co-founder 👉
I use Capsule CRM it's great for startups and has a free plan
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what type of business do you mean?
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@valeryfenskaya talking to me? We are implementing a new type of AI-driven, asynchronous remote meetings (
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Not yet, but will start looking soon!