Do you guys use a CRM for your business?

Olga Petrik
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Does mailchimp count as CRM? I try to find something where I can connect leads from all funnel channels... even after decades of working I'm constantly entering unknown fields as a newby - so if someone has a recommendation what to use, without paying in the beginning, but that will scale together with us... please tell me
Hussein Yahfoufi
I use Capsule CRM it's great for startups and has a free plan
Valerie Fenske
what type of business do you mean?
@valeryfenskaya talking to me? We are implementing a new type of AI-driven, asynchronous remote meetings (
Sere P
Not yet, but will start looking soon!
Scott Chen
For your business, SocialEpoch would be the greatest option if you're looking for a comprehensive WhatsApp marketing solution. Due to features like its direct integration with Shopify, multichannel chat widget, and shared inbox, WhatsApp has everything you need for business marketing. However, if all you're interested in for your company is bulk WhatsApp messaging and you don't require (or don't want to pay for) any further features, SocialEpoch would be a great alternative thanks to its anti-blocking technology. In order to avoid getting blacklisted and having your subscribers designate your messages as spam, always follow WhatsApp broadcast best practises, regardless of the programme you finally choose to use. After all, you wouldn't want to attempt to do something and alienate customers instead.