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The easy online CRM for doing business

- Be more organized, collaborate and make more sales

- No more fragmented customer information in spreadsheets and emails across your company.

- Capsule gives you and your team one complete view of your customers.

- Helping to give you time to take care of customers and make more sales.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Using for the third time. Great CRM. Very powerful API. Solid Core. Plus check out how we extend CapsuleCRM on UnifiedVU Single Customer View platform
@manojranaweera UnifiedVU looks interesting, thanks for sharing! Any support (or plans to support) large widgetized status board views for on flat TV's?
@bbelau our platform is browser based and we believe its an operational tool and not necessarily a business intelligence dashboard. Of course we could create dashboards if required. It would be great if you consider trialling @Brett
I absolutely couldn't live without Capsule CRM! Love Google Apps, @zendesk, and @freshbooks integration, and the mobile app is pretty slick. Now if only I'd remember to use it to dial phone numbers so they get automatically logged LOL! Excellent customer support as well - keep up the great work!!
@bbelau are you using both @zendesk @freshbooks? I actually makes the sales calls from CapsuleCRM these days.
@bbelau @zendesk @freshbooks sorry I read this first as Freshdesk.

This is unheard of in the world of SaaS, but I found a bug that broke Medium (blog platform) URLs because that site has '@' signs in their URLs (which is unusual). I contacted support, described the issue and they fixed it in less than 24 hours.

Anyone who is intimately familiar with software startups knows that getting something like this fixed immediately when only one user has an issue with it practically never happens because the company always has tons of other things that they are working on at any given moment. This requires the dev team to stop their sprint, context switch, dig through code to see what fixing this might break something else somewhere else, then test the new code, and push to production.

This world class customer support is a strong indicator that CapsuleCRM has a top tier organizational culture which empowers CS to get fixes like this out quickly.

I know that this is all inside baseball, but CRM software is very hard to get right. What this means for the average user is that you can expect to be able to use CRM to it's full potential which is very powerful in the hands of a business that knows how to leverage it.

CapsuleCRM seems to have some very important things right: Product and CS. If they can get the other things SaaS companies need to do right, then I think we can expect to see them becoming a breakout success.

Break a leg CapsuleCRM Team and special shout out to Josef over there for helping me out with this and knocking my support socks off!


Inexpensive, powerful customizations, super responsive support, integrations galore, Zapier ready


Honestly, I haven't found any yet.

Thanks for your review @charlie_at_brifs_dot_co I'll be sure to pass on your comments to Josef and the dev team, it's always nice to hear we're doing a good job!