Do you believe that a company's brand color can influence client impressions?

Olga Trykush
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Studies have found that a company’s color influences approximately 80% of a customer’s purchasing decision. This means that the right choice of color does not only strengthen the brand association, but it can also affect the total sales. Hunters, what do you think regarding the color psychology? If someone is interested, here are cards with descriptions of the most popular colors:


Sean Foster
I definitely agree that color plays a part. I am not sure I believe that the brand color accounts for 80% of the influence in a purchasing decision, though! That sounds extraordinary. As you mentioned it is document that color psychology plays a part in mental models. Like the color blue exudes "trust" or that orange means "friendly". I suppose, to answer your question, "Yes". The brand color can absolutely affect how a client or customer feels about the company.
Olga Trykush
@sean_foster1 Those 80% are from research, I was also surprised that the number was so big. I guess it all works on the subconscious level and we do not notice it so much.
Sean Foster
@olha_trykush Do you have a research source? Would love to take a look at that.
Steven M. Gotfried
@sean_foster1 @olha_trykush Not to be a jerk or anything, but the content in this link just says "Research Says." I want to see the actual research.
Sean Foster
@steven_m_gotfried The link is in the thread above. It doesn’t reference the 80% as far as I saw but maybe I missed it, but gives some breakdown of color psychology.
As a user, I can say that color does not matter as much as the quality of the product/service. But if we consider the issue from the point of view of the first acquaintance, then as you know, " Good clothes open all doors."
Olga Trykush
@new_user_254035875b Sure, product is always on the 1st place. But it's a very interesting topic - I realized that actually I can't name any IT-company with red corporate colors.
Brandon Johnston
Definitely. There is a reason why you see a lot more companies with a blue/white color scheme than orange/green/purple!
Valerie Fenske
I am totally of that opinion! Colour palette does matter.
Sreekanth PM
Yes, Color plays a crucial role. Not only color but complete User experience will play the role. A product with rich features and poor UX will not fly high.
Olga Trykush
@sreekanth850 It's so interesting to realize how many details influence the customer purchasing decisions.
Tarek Dajani
I am neither creative nor does my work entail any type of creativity (Finance). Honestly, when I was doing my logo I just told my friend make it in dark blue because I like the color. Good to know that Blue accounts for trust. Maybe that might help when I launch :)
Sere P
By doing some research before choosing colors for our platform, we started paying attention to the feelings certain colors would generate in users and we decided to choose ours based on what we want them to feel. Not sure this will result into more users but surely it could drive more engagement!
Asmar Khalid
Colour psychology plays a huge role in the entire user journey. Case in point: Why do you think the most successful Social Media apps are blue? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Messenger, Telegram etc. Before they're a customer: The colors subconsciously convey values. After they become a customer: Colors play a role in user interaction and behavior. But then again, most of it depends on your audience + type of solution you're building.
Chase Steele
yes. because certain colors/color combinations do affect the brain in different ways.
I don't believe it, it's proven. Color plays a part, but it's the overall brand that matters. Brand is much more than just colors. It's voice, tone, aesthetic, content, and perhaps most importantly, how the brand makes you *feel*.
Lilly Hatz
absolutely. there's been multiple studies that show that certain colors affect people's moods.
Hania Amir
Unique Company brand color is very important for client influence impression because many clients are also attracted through the color contrast and eye contrast and it also depends on Which age people most visit your site because company brands color depends on clients age the reason is that youngsters like the bright color while elder people like light color. and many logo design services provider before starting the working on the logo they also know about the site visitors age which type of people will visit this site.
Cadabra Studio
Absolutely! There're numerous researches that prove this point. The color has an influence on our subconscious perception of things. Some "meanings" of colors are already embedded in our minds very deeply because of the culture we're surrounded with. Like, blue and green are calming colors because we see them everywhere in nature, and nature has a soothing effect on every one of us. And red color is now associated with something dangerous or passionate; it triggers our emotions. These are so basic levels of our psuchological structure that we barely pay attention to them.