Beautiful tools vs Feature-rich tools

Olga Trykush
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Hey folks, I started noticing that people are more open to checking a new tool if its design is outstanding. What about you? Would you choose a tool that has more features or one with less but with an identity that responds to you? By identity, I mean the design, attributes, values, and communication of a project. Curious to hear your thoughts, thanks in advance to every participant ❤️


Luka Vasic
Hmm for me personally a tool that looks good. In today's world where a lot of apps claim to have it all the ones that really stand out are the ones that do one thing better than every other and have a beautiful design, UX/UI, branding... I am a bit more of a visual person and if something looks good that give me the indicator that the app also works well.
Olga Trykush
@luka_vasic right, I also have more confidence in tools that look good. And I love people who care about details as do I, so I feel the interest to check out what they've to build:)
It depends on your targeted niche. If it's for the regular people who have less knowledge of the tool, the more user-friendly they are, the more they are preferred even though they don't have that many features but get the basic job done. But if you're target niche is professionals, they will definitely choose features over user-friendly.
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My first Preference will always be a tool that has a user-friendly interface UX/UI. But I may choose to use the one with more features but less interactive UX/UI if that tool fulfills all my needs.
Olga Trykush
@qudsia_ali you know there are so many new tools coming out every single day that I guess nice UX/UI is a good thing to attract attention