How many digital newsletters/ magazines do you subscribe to and actively read?

Ankur Agarwal
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I realize I get behind on catching up if I miss/ neglect subscription emails and then it's always a game of catching up. I wonder how y'all do! I would like to talk to some people who have the same problem.


Hussein Yahfoufi
I have no idea how many I am subscribed too but I know I only actually read 2-3 of them
@timz_flowers Interesting... Lack of quality? Too much shilling? What do you do to keep updated, generally.
Dustin Miller
I sometimes subscribe a lot of newsletter, but turns out I don't have time to read all of them. so only read that resonates with my field and interest.
Vaibhav is
1-5 are enough, I guess. There is a lack of high quality newsletters and I am selective in this regard. Just me?
Abhineet Kumar
I think I am subscribed to at least 12 which I regularly check, but my current email client doesn't really provide a superior reading experience. Hence my friend @bharani91 and I are building Zen Inbox to help newsletter lovers manage, discover and read newsletters and unlock 10x from their subscriptions
@bharani91 @abhineetsays Nice, will check it out. Have you guys checked out I had an idea in mind and this seems to be close enough.
Abhineet Kumar
@bharani91 @ankuragarwal2 Ankur, we just launched our product intro video. Let us know what you think The site is live at Regarding Feedly, I like them but we feel we could create immense value in the newsletter reading space with this product. Would love to hear your thoughts. DM me bro