Animated logo GIFs

Sanaz Bidad
6 replies
Hey friends, I finished the logo design GIFs of our product and I really like to know what you think about it! We have just launched on product hunt ( Any comments and feedbacks are welcomed! Thanks


Raha Golamini
Awesome! you are absolutely talented!
Jana Cagorovic
@sanaz_bidad I somehow land on a 404 page when I click on your link...
Jana Cagorovic
@sanaz_bidad @mahshidhdi looks quite nice, although I would leave out text in a logo. overall great job!
Jeanice Hall
hi my name is jeanice and i want to help ya'll do the work can i help
Tristan Adlington
I really like it Sanaz! Interesting app as well. How did you make the GIF animations?