How does social media impact your productivity and your wellbeing?

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Hey everyone, I'm curious how social media impacts your personal wellbeing and your productivity as a maker. We're currently researching for a project, and interested to learn more about how users feel that social media impacts them personally. Would love to get your input via a short survey (10 easy questions, less than 5 minutes) Your input here and in the survey will help a lot. Thanks! :) Link to the survey.


Oliver Wolf
I'm not afraid of my wellbeing but for me it is a productivity killer. Recently I installed "Self-Control" which blogs social media while a timer is running.
Phuong Hoang
This is what we have been thinking about and trying to find a solution for. We think that people spend way too much time on social media, most of it is meaningless time, just scrolling from apps to apps without gaining anything. That's why we are trying to build an app for people to help people improve wellbeing. Our goal is to transform those boring time to meaningful time.