Would you share your daily task list publicly?

Matthew Johnson
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Hello - we are thinking about a public way to share daily goals/tasks from our product. To test it out myself, I started sharing my daily goals publicly on Twitter, and found it improved my productivity and focus because I had that additional accountability (posted some learnings here if interested: https://taskablehq.com/blog/publ...) But I was wondering how many other people would do this? Look forward to hearing from everyone!


I’ve seen quite a few teams do this and they shared the same benefit in terms of accountability. I’ve been thinking about doing it myself but I’ve not been organised enough! Seem like a great idea for Taskable!
Hussein Yahfoufi
I have a few very high level tasks (more like goals) here on PH and also on IndieHackers but I don't know that I would actually get into specific tasks and activities that I am doing throughout the day for work or home stuff.
Matthew Johnson
@husseinyahfoufi Why do you think that is, if you don't mind my asking?
Lars Karbo
Been thinking of doing this on twitter too!