What activities you do to engage your remote team?

Pawan Kumar
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Remote team building is much different than in-office team building. What activities you do to keep engaging your employees?


Dana Kozubska
We organize Friday online parties with quizzes and games. It's simple but efficient way to engage the team.
Tanmay Desai
@dana_kozubska What games do you play? Any recommendations?
More facetime using google meet and Zoom. Communication is a key but it becomes more engaging if done in person online. Most work can be done on emails and chats but the connection happens only when you see each other, does not matter if it is an online medium.
Hussein Yahfoufi
Daily check-ins have become more crucial than ever. We are also exploring different ideas like having a casual hang out with the team just chatting about non-work stuff.
Valerie Fenske
everyday standup with the video weekly demo retro session every fortnight online quizes online meetups