What's your favorite WFH product or tool?

Pawan Kumar
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n the past few weeks, We, and Giant companies like Twitter, Shopify, and Facebook announced plans to embrace remote working long-term. Crazy. As a result, many of you might be searching for a better office chair, standing desk, sound system, headphones, or maybe even a desk toy. So here's a quick question for you: What's your favorite WFH product or tool?


Co-founder @ Amygda
Favourite (WFH or not) product - Notion 2.0 and G suite (massively underrated in professional world). It depends on your role as well. I mostly do market research(Notion), people search(Notion), write proposals (G doc/sheet) and have lots of discovery calls (Meet). I am think for a product to be favourite it has to enable a habit in our brain. And those which are habit forming are the ones that go across everything, WFH or not.