What is the feedback to product that you want?

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Many developer say they want feedback on their products. 1. Who do you want feedback from? Paying users? Other developers? Investors? 2. What kind of feedback would you like to receive? About the function? About the design? Things to improve? 3. When would you like feedback? After the release? Before we started developing it? 4. Do you have a persona you want to get feedback on? What kind of persona is that? 5. Do you want to get feedback from the same people over and over again?


Gordian Overschmidt
All feedback is welcome. Just like in real life, feedback is valuable: if it contributes to the topic, and leads to improvements in functions, the application, or even added value. Feedback on possible partnerships or investment offers can also help. So the question should be: Can those who request criticism and feedback handle it?
Personally, feedback from end users is very important. I write blogs and for me validation from my readers is important. When I worked in HR, feedback from my Manager, peers and subordinates was important. Now I am planning to launch my own tea business, validation from my customers and industry leaders is key! this is my thinking.
Sreekanth PM
@teabuddy_canada validation from customer is what you need to take. A passive user can have many fancy feedback to give but at the end of the day what matter for your customer and prospect is more important !!!
Sreekanth PM
@teabuddy_canada @aramjfri Did u tried twitter community? or subreddit can be a good one. 1. Search twitter about the community you want for example if you want to get opinion about static site generators. Just search existing communities with such groups, and start posting engaging contents. Then try to connect personally and ask what you are looking. Always remember, dont expect to give you positive reply from everyone Spending their valuable time for you is something that is costly so you may need to reciprocate in terms of benefits that they get if they involve in feedback process or beta testing!!!
@aramjfri @sreekanth850 sure, those invested in my goals will be the ones to target, hopefully I am correct
Valerie Fenske
a feedback indeed depends on why you need it. that's when you'll narrow the audience and the sphere.
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