What have you tried to get feedback from your users so far?

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After releasing a product, it's very hard to find users. I participate in the community and showcase my products. What have you ever done to find your users and get their feedback? 🤔 If you use any community or marketing services, it would be great if you could include a link to them as well.


Tarek Dajani
In the beginning it is expected to have a really low number of users, so my piece of advice show it to friends, family, colleagues and friends of friends at the beginning (always try to stress that you actually need solid feedback not just a "good job, I am so proud of you", which I would expect most families feedback would be), also, there are some websites that provides user testing, some of them are right here in Product Hunt so you can check them out. Additionally, any user that uses your product at the beginning contact them via email or call them,, maybe even provide a discount if they go into a 5-10 zoom call with you and provide feedback (not the best solution, but it's better than nothing).
Dady Ismael
@tdajani have just launched my product 2 months ago but l am getting few traction users coming, l have tried Facebook ads but it's not so much good as l excepted. l have been able to onboard 121 users with 96 active users. But still wondering how to drive more users onboard...thinking about advertising with Influences ...what do you think?
Tarek Dajani
@roronoazoro Hey Dady. I honestly think influencer advertising is a waste of cash, especially at the beginning. At the start, just focus on the current customers, get feedback to improve your product, I don't think 2 months is enough time for you to do that., This is helpful, because when you do begin advertising it will be much easier to get conversions with a better product (i.e. decrease your conversions % and CAC). In terms of marketing, did you try SEM via google or bing even maybe? I don't know what your product is, but read about the difference of facebook and SEM, SEM lets you target customers that are more likely to convert since they are searching for something, unlike FB, which sometimes could basically mean targeting someone who has zero intent. But in all cases, having 121 users (I am guessing paying customers) at the first 2 months is excellent. Good luck :)
Dady Ismael
@tdajani Thanks for your insightful advises..... Take a time to read and share your thought on the project here : https://www.producthunt.com/post... l would really love to year what you think....................No l have tried SME yet. Thanks for this suggestion.
Jorge Briceño
This happened to me as well. I´ve launched my platform first to the local community and at the same time, I request support to friends. They helped me with sharing, however, the feedback wasn´t coming (I thought it will come right away, not!). Feedback does not come if you don´t request it. And also, sometimes people give you feedback if they LOVE the product or if they HATE it, the remaining people are in the middle. Hope this can help you. Best,
@jorge_briceno1 Thank you for your comment!! I know that feedback can be difficult to get. If you could outsource your search just by tapping into the characteristics of the user you're looking for, would you use it?
Caleb Skinner
I'm finding that the best use of my time is to build out an aggressive SEO plan to funnel traffic into app stores. User feedback is very difficult to get. The best metric that I have found is to measure returning users vs time. It's also very helpful to see how long they stay on your app/site/widget. It's like spotting a stealth plane. You have to look for secondary disturbances.
Fizzap Social Network
You must have a contact page on your site before you launch otherwise those who can be bothered to complain about bugs actually can. There is already a channel set up to accept feedback @fizzap.com.feedback for new users to comment on the latest software release.
Alex Papageorge
Do what you can to get a stranger on the phone! That is always a HUGE help. Not your brother or friend, a complete random stranger (more the better). I would suggest attempting this by emailing each sincerely and unique and ask for the help. People do tend to want to help other people, which I know is contrary to popular belief :)
Amod Nazirkar
Hey Kou, Surveys always work to gather insightful customer feedback. Qualaroo can help you with lead generation and email lists. You can create pop-up surveys and launch them on your product, be it a prototype, mobile app, or website. With the HubSpot and Zapier integration, you can export the responses as contacts into HubSpot and prepare your emailing list. You can share your surveys such as NPS, UES, SUS, CES, CHS, etc. surveys via different channels or launch one in your product to collect real-time feedback. Qualaroo also offers analytics and reporting features to help you analyze what the feedback is telling you, coupled with Sentiment Analysis functionality. With this, you can even conduct open-form surveys and analyze your customers’ verbatim responses for more precise feedback. You can take the help of agencies that recruit survey respondents for you and then use a survey tool to start collecting feedback right off the bat.