Share your feedback and ideas for Discussions

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Hey Makers! As Discussions is still in a beta phase we want to hear from you. What ideas do you have for Discussions? What feedback can you share? Thanks!


Ryan Hoover
I have a bunch of ideas but don't want to skew anyone's opinion so I'll 🀐😊.
@rrhoover We love whatever you do! Can you please share your ideas ?!
Jace J Perry
@abadesi @rrhoover as a maker, this is something that is very much needed within the global community. Right now, we are all a bit fragmented and lack a unified platform. I appreciate the progress that you guys have made and how much you are willing to listen to the community. One of my suggestions would be to create a mac app to where it lives on desktops instead of having to go to the producthunt website.
Ildi Xhaholli
It's important for founders/makers to have a corner on PH where they could freely ask questions or spark a discussion. This was a missing piece imo because PH Ask is more specific to products/recommendations. I like that Discussions feels very open and general, you are free to discuss just about anything as long as it's within the listed guidelines. Soon many discussions will be had so a way to filter through them by topic or popularity would be useful. I do think it's important to keep Discussions simple. Quality over quantity (not very impressed with how PH Ask has progressed, slowed activity and lots of spam). Allow users to leave comments or have specific discussions about projects listed in the "Projects" tab. Instead of having a live chat for each Maker Space, could we get Discussions dedicated to each space? I think Discussions will work better. Example: Makers Toronto has 100+ members yet very few goals have been set and no activity in the live chat for that particular space. People are taking the initiative to join the space, but once they've been accepted they are not coming back to do much at all. This could be unique to the Toronto Space as I do see a lot more goal setting activity for other spaces that i've joined. I'll post again if any new ideas/suggestions pop up.
Dan Edwards
@madebyildi Hey Ildi, thanks so much for the feedback and suggestions πŸ˜ƒSome of the things you've mentioned are definitely on our roadmap, and we've got a lot of work to do on Spaces to make them more engaging and useful for Makers. Thank you again πŸ™
Marat Chukmarov
@abadesi First: wanted to thank all of you, guys, who're making this / @rrhoover /. Sense of warm appreciation of making activity in the form of likes from other random makers such an underestimated thing. I really foresee, how it'll change my path and soon. Second: how we can communicate about some occasional feedback/bugs? It seems like somehow an ambitious goal like 'Expand our brand to 100 world-class cities in 10 years and seeking the $1B IPO.' from @valter_gonzaga can shift time label for me) (small and insignificant, but tester's habits) UP. Haven't noticed Intercom icon, sorry) But still, thanks, you're making world-changing things
@abadesi @rrhoover echoing the gratitude - already, this forum is proving its worth. May seem trivial in the grand scheme of things but I found myself looking for a way to bookmark a discussion today. So, some mechanism to easily retrieve threads Γ  la Discourse would be swell.
Ryan Hoover
@abadesi @rashabarbar thanks for the <3. Forums are pretty basic and not the most innovative thing we've done, but they're useful if you can get the right people involved. 😊
Luu Dao
@abadesi 1. I think basically this could be a place to find people who have similar / same idea, collaborate on it to make it live, using all tools PH provided. 2. Each discussion should have its Topic, similar to products, so the content of it will be more precise & easier for makers to navigate / finding topics they're interested in. 3. You could see people you follow / your friends discussing in a topic. Or it should be a tab that lists out all topics you may like (based on your connection / what you're following).
Joanna Zhang
I have not read through all the comments if anyone had shared this already, I am sorry. The goal setting tool is great! WIll it be possible to create an upgrade that allows us to set main goals and create sub-goals and a chunk of steps leading to the main goal? this way, it's easier to fully plan and track roadmaps Kind regards
Louis Grenard
@abadesi implementing polls so people can have quick feedback and test some micro ideas?
Louis Grenard
@abadesi are polls new in the discussions comments or I missed it? 😹
Daveyon Mayne
@abadesi A dedicated section for self promotion 😬 On a more serious note, a section that's based on your startup: "from zero to one"
Sahil Kapur
@abadesi I found this page kind of hard to get to! Oh, and categories for discussion. I think this may be similar to groups.
Hai Nguyen
@abadesi Share my threads/comments into social networks, especially Twitter :D
Hai Nguyen
@abadesi and of course, tags for threads so that they're sort-able and searchable ✨