Guest blogging exchange?

Hussein Yahfoufi
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Seems like this could be a startup idea but we can start with a PH discussion. We write articles in the investments space and are looking for blogs where we can publish in as guest bloggers. Anyone have a financial blog we can publish on? Our blog is all about personal finance and investing, if you are interested in writing an article let me know.


Olga Trykush
Great idea, cross-marketing among hunters 😅 We run a blog for designers and business owners about branding, so if anyone is interested - welcome for cooperation!
Nathan Brantley
@olha_trykush Hey! We are a startup that helps businesses find local pro photographers. We take a more creative, artistic approach to gig work. We'd love to collab and guest post if you think its a good fit for your readers :)
Nathan Brantley
This is brilliant! A huge issue we've been navigating for our online publication