How did you get your first 100 email subscribers pre-launch?

Hussein Yahfoufi
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We launched our coming soon page on 3 weeks ago to start building our pre-launch email list. We are now at around 30 subscribers. Some things we are doing to build the list: - Published a blog post each week - Joined networks/forums/groups where our target hangs out and contributing to the community - Testing messaging with Google Ads - Just launched a referral campaign to give away free accounts for those that bring us sign ups. What else can we be trying to build out the list even more?


Olga Trykush
Hey, we do all the same in our project, but also: 1) create some valuable content like infographics and share them on forums, chats and networks with our target audience; 2) submit guest posts to media that are connected to our field or try to find journalists that will write about your project; 3) work with influences and mentors, I'm trying to find out how we can cooperate with each blogger in unique way, to prepare some creative campaigns; 4) build some discussions, ask opinions; 5) be active in social media, especially Twitter and LinkedIn. But I think that the most important step here is to collect first users in 1 place and give them a feeling of valuable members, so they will become loyal to you and your project.
Hussein Yahfoufi
@olha_trykush thanks, great list. We started doing #4 and #5. I think our next step is to do #1 and #2 on your list. Create content to share and guest posting. Thanks!
Jas Mowgod
I would add Facebook advertising maybe Instagram - the targeting is much better than Google Ads. Also create social content in Twitter & Instagram especially if it's B2C.
Henry Zhang
A little late to the party here and I think Olha mentions this in another form, but getting backlinks to your website makes a massive difference on your traffic. Olha says to work with influencers and mentors, who may post a link to your site on their pages but if you can get backlinks from popular news sites or other sources, itll boost your numbers both from direct connections and increased SEO
Hussein Yahfoufi
@henry_zhang3 thanks Henry. Getting backlinks is a great idea. The hard part is figuring out how to get them from good sources that will make an impact.