What are your favorite founder recommendations: books, articles, interview?

Iuliia Shnai
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I am an online learning enthusiast and passionate to find the most productive ways to learn online. While working on my first startup, I found for myself that the most productive way to learn is from the recommendations of other founders who made it happen. That's why I started working on content curated by top founder https://www.producthunt.com/post... Now I try to find more like-minded people to share the best content together.


Caroline Chiari
It's very old, but this is what when I try to market Koupi:
Iuliia Shnai
@caroline_chiari Wow! Cool thank you for sharing! We working on service which allow to orginise the content recommendations and share them between founders. Would be interested to gain your feedback on it. MarbleHub-in newest - and launched today.
Kevin Rooke
I built a list of recommended books from the world's top entrepreneurs, investors, and thinkers https://www.kevinrooke.com/books
Iuliia Shnai
@kevin_1 Wow very cool! Can I ask the feedback on our content recommendations from entrepreneurs but we include different types depend on topic.
Iuliia Shnai
@kevin_1 If I attach email to your service do I get the list or access to the system?
Matthew Johnson
Here's a partial list of mine: - Kat Manalac - How to Launch (again and again)
- Are you solving the right problem? http://hbr.org/2017/01/are-you-s... - How Superhuman built a product-market fit engine: http://firstround.com/review/how... Have a bunch more here if interested: https://taskablehq.com/templates...
Iuliia Shnai
@mattcrail Thank you for sharing, Matthew. The video from YC and Superhuman are top resources. We publish the whole collection of resources recommended by the Rahul Vohra related to Product/ Market fit. https://app.marblehub.co/paths/7
Lluís Ventura
I think this is pure GOLD! By Steve Schlafman. High Output Founders' Library. https://www.notion.so/High-Outpu...
Iuliia Shnai
@lluis_m_ventura Thank you for a recommendation! Very nice collections of resource, I will have a look!
Rahul Arora
The MOM test, The lean startup, Zero to One
Iuliia Shnai
@rahul__arora Zero to One and the lean startup definitely! The MOM test - never heard. Thank you for recommendation.