Which tools do you use when remote, to collaborate?

Lluís Ventura
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Using slack for chat / Notion and GDocs for documentation and Loom/Drift video to provide quick feedback without interruptions. Also Zoom and GMeet for meetings. What about you?


Matthew Johnson
Check out Tandem for internal video/audio calls and screen shares. They remove all the friction for when you want to grab a quick chat with a teammate - sort of like the digital equivalent of tapping someone on the shoulder and asking if they have a minute.
Shruthi Rajagopal
The best I've come across is https://clariti.app/?utm_source=.... It is a platform that allows you to chat from mail and vice-versa. It has definitely made me more productive.
Alex Papageorge
Trello is a simple, easy to use project tracker we use
Sergey Krasotin
I'm running a distributed product design team with 33 members, and our stack is extremely simple: it's Slack for daily communication, Trello for tasks, Figma for designing things, and G Suite for the rest.
Lluís Ventura
Recently start using our own as1nc to transform meetings into asynchronous conversations with video, text, and voice. Saving time with more focused meetings and some of them just got canceled thanks to this! :) Releasing our private beta in the coming weeks: https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
Rahul Arora
Some good tools that I know: Figma: For design intervue.io: For taking remote tech interviews Asana: For managing remote teams kaam.work: Work from anywhere